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Everyone should have a website.

Not everyone needs a developer.

So what is LattePress?

Everything you need to build, maintain and market your website.

Making the Coffee

LattePress is a professional WordPress hosting, training & support company focused on helping individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses launch their websites without hiring developers. We offer to teach you the skills you need to take control of your own internet identity with video tutorials and one-on-one training. We also offer information and tutorials related to internet marketing, networking with other members and offer a tremendous amount of helpful articles and resources. Once your site is ready for launch, we offer professional deployment, hosting, security and maintenance services.

Technology has come a long way in the past few years allowing more and more people the ability to build functional, interactive and attractive websites for their needs. The majority of websites today can be launched without ever hiring a website developer.

Thousands of developers are working every day on open-source technology such as WordPress. They, and we, continue to build incredibly useful tools like interactive content editors and easy to use administration panels so that you can take control of your site. The only thing preventing you from taking advantage of all of this hard work is a bit of training. Anyone can learn how to build, manage and update their own website.

Powerful Website Toolkit

Make your website work for you, not against you.

Professional deployment of WordPress including a custom suite of plugins designed to help you build the website you need with all the bells and whistles. E-Commerce, Content Publishing, Communities & Groups, Portfolios – all with a few mouse clicks and a bit of time – easily updated via an amazing WYSIWYG editor. Choose from thousands of available plugins to add functionality to your website.

We also include extra configuration for increasing page speed and loading times, improved security, SEO tools and integration with important third parties like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.

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Video Training & Support

Learn. Build. Publish. Profit.

Video Tutorials and complete guides to help you build, manage, update and and add functionality to your website. You can have your first website online within a few days. Tutorials include back-end functionality as well as installing and customizing from one of the thousands of available free and commercial themes.

Dedicated and unlimited one-on-one support available to answer your questions from veteran developers to give a helping hand when needed will make the learning process as smooth and fluid as possible. You won’t be in this alone getting frustrated with tech lingo – our tutorials are in plain english and our staff are available to help you whenever, if ever, you get stuck.

Online Marketing

If a tree falls in the forest…

Guides and support for SEO Marketing and SEO Optimization for your website are included in our library as well. All deployments include powerful SEO tools so you can control your marketing. Every page and post has an easy form for managing your SEO focal point, including a rating system to let you know how well you’re doing.

Google Analytics and Webmaster tools integration, setting up sitemaps that update search engines whenever changes are made, and lots and lots of resources for third party tools and helpful tips for getting your name out there.

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Secure, Managed Hosting

We’ve got you covered.

Secure and managed WordPress hosting is included with every account. Aside from powerful hosting with plenty of disk space and bandwidth on your own dedicated VPS, we also manage your WordPress site by keeping all of your software and plugins up to date for increased security, monitor your site uptime and immediately respond to any issues. We also monitor traffic spikes and do twice-daily back-ups of your content, information and data. All websites are monitored for security issues and connected with Content Delivery Networks for blazin speed.

No Contracts, No hassles.

Dessert without consequence.

No contracts, no hassles – cancel your subscription at any time and take your website with you! That’s right, we’ll help you move the website we helped you build to a new hosting provider if you’re not happy. Never become locked into a development team or a hosting company, our clients stay with us because they want to, not because they have to. Month to month subscriptions with no minimums available on all packages. No ridiculous start-up costs or cancellation fees.

We’re here to help you get your business going, not add more problems and huge expenses.

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We’re currently fine-tuning and tweaking our system before launch. Enter your e-mail below to be notified when we launch, and potentially be invited to participate in our beta program.